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3M 202 Masking Tape

3M 202 Masking Tape

3M 202 Masking Tape

Ref: 202

Total Price: $10.00

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3M 202 Scotch® Crepe Masking Tape

Scotch® Paper Masking Tape 202 is a high performance paint masking tape for holding, protecting and bundling where a pressure-sensitive tape is needed.

Tan colored
Excellent transfer resistance for difficult removal surfaces
Ideal for sharp paint lines
Excellent holding power
Clean removal
Thickness: 6.3 mils
Adhesion to steel: 41 oz/in width
Tensile strength: 27 lbs/in width
Elongation at break: 8%
Temperature use range: Up to 250°F
1/2" ($10.00)
3/4" ($12.00)
1" ($16.00)
1-1/2" ($24.00)

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