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Absorbent Pads

Absorbent Pads 15 x 18

Absorbent Pads 15 x 18

Ref: imp-ap

Total Price: $71.90

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FiberLink Universal Absorbent Pads absorb both water- and oil-based liquids. Effective and easy to use, our universal absorbent pads are available in three thicknesses so you choose the absorbency and durability that fits your needs. Lightweight for everyday spills, medium-weight when you need a little more and heavyweight that meets the toughest demands.
Removes all liquids and fiber residue, keeping work areas safe.
Bonded for extra strength and durability.
Absorbency meets or exceeds industry standards.
Each pad is 18" x 15".
100 pads for Medium weight / Heavyweight
200 pads for Light weight
Light Weight case of 200 ($71.90)
Medium Weight case of 100 ($51.75)
Heavy Weight case of 100 ($60.50)
Heavy Weight Roll (120 Pads) ($68.00)

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