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Adhesive Coater

Combines roller coaters with unique hot melt adhesives:
provides a permanent bond to all surfaces
costs 70% less than adhesive rolls and sheets
cleaner to work with than spray adhesives and white glues
faster to apply than adhesive rolls and sprays
stronger bond than spray adhesives
coater requires no clean up at end of day
Motorized Roller Coaters
Automatically warms up in 55 minutes
Run your print through and it receives a smooth, even coating
Runs at 4 seconds per ft.
No clean up, no maintenance at all
Will not harm digital prints
Available in 12.5”, 24.5” and 36.5” coating widths

MXII Hot Melt Adhesive
Designed for use in most applications except doing book blocks for albums and duplexing cover stock material.
Pressure sensitive adhesive
Unsurpassed, permanent adhesion
Sticks to all surfaces including metal, plastic and wood
Unlimited open time-never loses its tackiness-mount at any time.
Comes in pillows packed in bags

RP Hot Melt Adhesive
Designed for doing album book blocks, duplexing, business cards and invitations.
Contact adhesive
After coating media, mount within 3 minutes
Provides a permanent bond to all surfaces
Provides a stiffer bond than MXII
Cures over time so when trimming stacks of paper, reduces transfer to cutting blade (MXII transfers to blade)
Comes in pillows

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