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Allied Systems Cleaner Powder

Systems Cleaner Powder Allied

Systems Cleaner Powder Allied

Ref: sysa

Price: $77.00

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Set includes 2 jugs of Step 1 and 2 jugs of Step 2

Systems Kleener Powder cleans and removes ink, paper coating, mold, and calcium from the press recirculation system. This helps to ensure longer life of the fountain solution and to keep print quality consistent.
If a build-up of ink, paper coatings or calcium occurs, then the pH and conductivity of the working fountain solution will start to change, leading to dampening related problems.

Let Systems Kleener Powder do the work for you.
· No listed hazardous materials and easy to use.
· Simple two-step process, no need to drain dirty fountain solution until cleaning is done
· Step One loosens debris and emulsifies ink residues
· Step Two shocks and re-acidifies the system, reducing the possibility of contamination of the fresh fount with cleaning solution
· Eliminates the need to dismantle in order to clean the entire system
· Easy to use, takes about 30-45 minutes to clean entire system

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