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Anilox Roll Cleaner

Anilox Roller Cleaner Case of 12 qts.

Anilox Roller Cleaner Case of 12 qts.

Ref: lox/q

Price: $180.00

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Spray Nine Deep Cleaning Anilox Roller Cleaner is a high efficiency, high viscosity cleaner that clings to the surface of the roller without dripping off. Spray 9 Anilox cleaner is effective on all inks and coatings; water, solvent, UV, for gravure and flexo, as well as acrylics and UV coatings for offset and sheet-fed coating tower anilox rollers. Use daily on ceramic and chrome anilox rollers or laser and steel engraved anilox rollers to remove deeply embedded ink from every cell.

Benefits of regular cleaning:
" Improved print consistency
" Money savings
" Reduced downtime
" Increased production

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