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BW-100  ultra-low VOC  Blanket Wash

BW-100 ultra-low VOC Blanket Wash

Ref: bw100

Total Price: $39.50

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BW-100 is an ultra-low VOC (100 grams/liter) Fast drying Blanket Wash formulated for Small to Medium size presses.
It is as effective as conventional wash-up solutions and cleans blankets quickly, making them ready for start-up without the need for a second wipe-down. BW-100 contains no Acetone, no Hazardous Air Pollutants, and can also be used with water to help remove powders and paper contaminants.
Made by Explorer Pressroom Solutions.
1 gal ($39.50)
5 gal ($150.00)
55 gal ($1,310.00)

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