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Blue Ribbon Wash

Varn Blue Ribbon Wash

Varn Blue Ribbon Wash

Ref: brw/5

Total Price: $90.00

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5 Gal Pail ($90.00)
55 Gal Drum ($725.00)

Varn® Blue Ribbon Wash was developed to meet the printer’s need for a strong, low-odor,
low-vapor-pressure, water-miscible cleaner for blankets and rollers.

Advantages of Varn® Blue Ribbon Wash
• Excellent premium cleaning ability
• Low odor
• Low vapor pressure, 2.7 mm Hg at 20? C
• Water miscible to clean solvent and water based contaminants
• Cleans ink, gum glaze and paper lint simultaneously
• Use with washup blades or manually

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