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Clean Up Sheets

Clean Up Sheets 100 pk

Clean Up Sheets 100 pk

Ref: clup

Total Price: $35.00

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Premium quality cleanup sheets
Our Cleanup Sheets provide a fast and economical way of thoroughly cleaning ink rollers. To transfer ink onto a Cleanup Sheet at the end of a press run, simply place a Cleanup Sheet around the plate cylinder, add press wash, and idle the press until the rollers come clean.

Press Model
ABDick 360 ($35.00)
ABDick 9800 Ryobi 3200 13x19-3/8 ($35.00)
Chief 15 PB ($28.00)
Chief 17 ($30.00)
Hamada 600 ($35.00)
Multi 1650 ($40.00)
Multi-1850 ($40.00)
Ryobi 2800 ($32.00)

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