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ColorMunki Display

X-rite Color Munki Display

X-rite Color Munki Display

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ColorMunki Display

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Simply. Amazing. ColorMunki Display provides amazingly accurate display and projector calibration and profiles for Color Perfectionists – whether a passionate or professional photographer or designer working at the speed of life. Incorporating an easy, wizard-driven interface, ColorMunki Display offers everything you could possibly need to get you to a brilliantly-calibrated display or projector while helping you stay focused on doing what you love. For Color Perfectionists seeking simplicity, the ColorMunki Display will absolutely amaze you.

Enhanced features include:
• Display, Laptop and Projector Profiling
• Technologically advanced and ergonomic multi-functional measurement device
• Easy to use software – “Easy” and “Advanced” modes with simple one-click presets or wizard-driven options for more control
• Intelligent Iterative Profiling – an adaptive technology that measures and analyzes the color capabilities of each unique display for increased accuracy of profile
• Ambient Light Smart Control - measurement, compensation and ongoing monitoring of ambient lighting conditions.
• Flare Correct™ - measurement and compensation of display surface glare
• Automatic Display Control (ADC) adjusts your display’s hardware to speed up process and eliminate manual adjustments

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