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Combmac-EX24 Heavy-Duty Electric Punch & Manual Comb Opener

Combmac-EX24 Heavy-Duty Electric Punch & Manual Comb Opener

Ref: combmac-ex24

Price: $829.00

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Heavy-Duty Electric Punch & Manual Comb Opener

Fully featured
Easy to use
With its heavy duty punch motor and complete system of functions, the Akiles CombMac-24E makes comb binding fast, easy, convenient and professional, making it the ideal partner forcommercial volume workloads.

• Comb Opener
• Comb Opener Handle: (can be set on left side also)
• Depth Margin Control: Provides the correct punch margin depth for each wire/comb size. Maximizes document tear resistance
• Open Punching Throat: For punching of longer documents.
• Punch Throat & Ruler for Comb
• Diameter Scale: Measures comb Diameter.
• Large Capacity Waste Drawer
• Side Margin Control: Provides evenly centered punch for all document sizes.
• Die Disengagement Pins: All dies can be independently disengaged, allows punching of any size document while preventing partial side-end perforation
• Jam Release (Reverse) Switch
• CE Certification: All components certified and approved by CE for the most stringent safe requirements.
• High Volume Punching Capacity: Up to 25 sheets 20lbs paper (Letter Size).
• Foot Pedal Operated
• Heavy-Duty design by CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) technology
• Perfect for Bindery, Print Shop, Copy Center, Corporation, Advertising Agency, School, Office and more!
• Don’t forget to choose from the wide selection of AKILES textured & color-coordinated Polycovers & Plastic Comb binding elements, to ensure your documents have a lasting impression!

Punching: Electric (Foot Pedal)
Punching Pitch: Standard Comb Pitch
Punching Length: 14 (with Open Ends for longer sizes)
Disengagement Dies: All 24 dies
Hole Sizes: Rectangular 3.12 x 7.94mm
Single Punching Capacity: Up to 25 sheets of 20 lbs paper, letter size
Binding Capacity: 1/4″ 2″
Adjustable Side Margin: Included
Adjustable Depth Margin: Included
Weight & Volume: 70 lbs & 3.74 Cbft
Warranty: 1 year

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