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Count iNumber

Count iNumber Crash Numbering machine

Count iNumber Crash Numbering machine

Ref: inumber

Price: $3,905.00

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iNumber Tabletop Automatic Hand Feed Numbering Machine. Touch Screen Controlled Interface.

• Low Cost Hand Feed Design for Low to Meduim Run Numbering
• Single Numbering Head
• Job Counter
• Manual feed allows for lower price point. Perfect for low to mid size jobs.
• One standard numbering head is a 7 digit gothic, reverse with 5 repeat sequences, and has an adjustment to setting the amount of impact pressure on various types of stock. Other numbering styles and No letterwheels are available at additional cost.
• Crash print up to a 10 part carbonless form.
• Fixed Rail rail helps to guide the sheet for squareness.
• EZ setup touch screen

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