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Dosatron (for Printers)

Dosatron (for Printers)
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Dosatron (for Printers)


Total Price: $410.00

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Select Injection Rate
14 GPM 1:500 to 1:50 D14MZ2VFII ($410.00)
14 GPM 1:200 to 1:20 D14MZ5AFII ($855.00)
14 GPM 1:100 to 1:10 D14MZ10AFII ($940.00)
9 GPM 1:20 to 1:5D14MZ520AFII ($1,455.00)

Get sharper, cleaner graphics and text while reducing chemical costs.

As a professional printer, you know that your pressroom chemistry mix must be accurate and precise in order to deliver the best results for your clients. However, you also realize that hand-mixing chemicals and repeatedly retesting to ensure accuracy can be extremely expensive, in terms of man-hours, press downtime, and wasted chemicals.

Dosatron automated chemical dosers operate on a volumetric proportioning principle , which means that they achieve consistent chemical mixture results regardless of changes in pressure or flow. Dosatron chemical dosers are also water-powered, using the water already in use in your printing processes to operate. The end results are a more accurate chemistry mix and reduced energy, chemical, and labor costs.

Dosatron automated chemical dosers are perfect for injecting:

Fountain Solutions
Alcohol Substitutes
Aqueous Coatings

Plumbing Kit Includes:
3/4” schedule 80 PVC ball valve
3/4” poly 200 mesh tee filter
3/4” brass pressure regulator w/gauge
3/4” 14 GPM flow restrictor
3/4” polypropylene check valve
3/4” union
3/4” x 2” schedule 80 PVC fittings
3/4” x 1/2” barb fitting
3/4” T
3/4” street elbows
Roll of Teflon tape
Instruction card
Zip tie

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