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Extended Gamut Coated Guide

Extended Gamut Coated Guide GG7000

Extended Gamut Coated Guide GG7000

Ref: pan-ppegg

Price: $135.00

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1,729 PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® Colors simulated in seven-color process Colors are printed using CMYK plus Orange, Green and Violet.
Perfect for packaging, labels, tags and anywhere a wider gamut of color is required in process printing.

1,729 seven-color process simulations of PANTONE Solid Colors on coated stock
Closest seven-color process match with sRGB* values
Screen tint percentages displayed as viewed under D50 lighting (5000° K)
Colors bleed off page edges for ease and accuracy when comparison checking
Portable fan guide format
Most commonly used, 100 lb. text-weight paper stock
PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software for updating PANTONE Colors in popular design applications
Color locator index
Each color identified with a distinct PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT Coated (XGC) Number and/or name
*the “s” in sRGB denotes Standard RGB.

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