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Exxtract Deep Clean Roller Paste

Exxtract Zero VOC Deep Clean Roller Paste

Exxtract Zero VOC Deep Clean Roller Paste

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Exxtract Zero VOC Deep Clean Roller Paste.
Penetrates - Exfoliates - Conditions

Finally, A Zero VOC Deglazer that Works

EXXTRACT Roller Cleaning Paste is a Zero VOC, fast acting lithographic roller cleaner. EXXTRACT is formulated for safe, deep roller cleaning while not damaging roller integrity. EXXTRACT provides a special blend of key ingredients that will clean, extract ink pigments and contaminants away from lithographic rollers while providing conditioning.

Utilize a standard roller wash to begin removing fresh ink. Apply EXXTRACT directly to the roller train allowing special ingredients to effectively remove contaminants for approximately 5-10 minutes. Apply a final rinse with roller wash to remove any remaining residues.
NOTE: EXXTRACT should be used in conjunction with RELIEF (calcium remover) for complete roller

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