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FlexiPunch E

Akiles FlexiPunch-E Electric Punch

Akiles FlexiPunch-E Electric Punch

Ref: Flexipunch-E

Price: $1,149.00

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Select Die
Coil 4:1 (Round)
Wire 3:1 (Square)
Wire 2:1 (Rectangular)
Comb (Rectangular)

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Heavy-Duty Electric Modular Punch with Interchangeable Die Feature

FlexiPunch-E is a versatile modular punching machine with an affordable price that gives you the binding options you need in everyday work. You can do a coil binding job, and minutes later squeeze in a wire or comb binding project using the same primary punch. The high-quality precision die sets available with this machine will last for years of production. One die of your choice is provided with the unit.

High Volume Punch Capacity: Up to 20 sheets of 20lb paper per cycle. Foot pedal operated.
Heavy-Duty Motor & Gearbox: Provides more than enough punch power for all die sets.
Interchangeable Die Sets with Quick Die Change Design: Easily change from one punch pattern to another within seconds, no tools needed!
Fully Disengageable Pins on all Dies: Allows punching of all paper sizes without partially punched holes at either end.
Choice of 4 Different Punch Dies: Choose from Comb (rectangular holes), Wire 2:1 (square holes), Wire 3:1 (square holes) and Coil 4:1 (0.2475") (round holes).
Adjustable Depth Margin: Available for all punch dies, this key feature provides the correct punch margin depth for each element or book size.
12" Single Punch Length with Open Ends: Enables easy punching of Letter or A4 sizes, as well as even longer sheet sizes.
Built-in Anti-Jam (Reverse) Feature: When sheet overload is detected, machine automatically retracts and stops punch operation to avoid downtime.
Rugged Heavy-Duty Design: All metal construction, including heavy cast side plates. Non-skid feet.
Weight - 51 Lbs
One year warranty


Model: FlexiPunch-E
Available Die Sets & Hole Shape: COMB (rectangular)
WIRE 2:1 (square)
WIRE 3:1 (square)
COIL 4:1 (0.2475”) (round)
Operation: Electric
(Foot Pedal operated)
Single Punch Capacity: Up to 20 sheets of 20 lbs paper
Single Punch Length: 12” (Letter or A4 size)
with open ends for longer sheets
Motor & Gear Box: Heavy-Duty
Fully Disengageable Pins: Yes (on all die sets)
Adjustable Depth Margin: Yes (4-step adjustment)
Machine Dimensions: 17.25" L x 16" W x 9.25" H (machine)
20" L x 18.5" W x 13.5" H (carton)
Die Set Dimensions: 16.5" L x 4.75" W x 6.75" H (die set)
18.5" L x 6.75" W x 10.5" H (carton)
Machine Weight & Volume: 51 Lbs & 2.91 Cbft
Die Set Weight & Volume: 18 Lbs & 0.76 Cbft
Warranty: One year

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