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Fountain liners

Fountain Liners box of 100

Fountain Liners box of 100


Total Price: $38.00

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QM-46 Fountain Liner ($38.00)
GTO-52 ($48.00)
MO ($52.50)
Speedmaster 102 ($63.00)
Speedmaster 52 ($49.50)

Fountain Liners

Fabricated from durable, long-lasting 0.19 mm thick polyester material, they are permanently formed to assure an exact fit.
Tested using both conventional and U.V. inks, these liners (also called Ink Duct Foils) offer maximum chemical resistance without any ink duct contamination.
Also available are rolls of Adhesive Foam and Two-Band Bi-adhesive Tape for Ink Duct Foil Sensor Protection for presses with C.P.C.

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