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G7A Combination Etch #7

Combination Etch #7 use as Rosos G7A

Combination Etch #7 use as Rosos G7A

Ref: g7a

Price: $25.00

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Lithco Combination Etch #7 [USE LIKE ROSOS G7AV]
Combination Etch #7 is a one-step fountain concentrate, made with pure Gum Arabic. Here are some of its operating characteristics:
" Acidic in nature
" Buffered to maintain pH control
" Produces an operating viscosity for ultimate plate wetting

Here is what users of Combination Etch #7 are saying about the product:

" Cleaner print
" Reached color faster
" Sharper dot
" Less dot gain
" Faster make ready
" Fountain solution was easy to use
" Fountain maintained stability over time

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