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Hydro Solv

Varn Hydro Solv

Varn Hydro Solv

Ref: hydr/5

Total Price: $105.00

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5 Gal Pail ($105.00)
55 Gal Drum ($875.00)

Product Features
Varn® Hydro-Solv AIII is a unique blend of water miscible solvents and cleaners formulated to remove both conventional and UV inks, as well as water soluble and solvent soluble glaze.
Varn® Hydro-Solv AIII is water miscible but contains no water. It dissolves quickly removing lint, paper dust, clay coating, casein and other debris from blankets far better than conventional washes which are not water miscible.
Varn® Hydro-Solv AIII will combine with the residual water in the pores of a blanket and deep-down clean, even removing gum glaze. It can be mixed with 20-25% water for economy.
Varn® Hydro-Solv AIII was formulated in conjunction with all present legislation, with a high flash point of >60°C for increased safety and a low odour for improved working conditions.

Dramatically improved blanket release.
Excellent ink solvency power.
Vastly reduced blanket and roller swell.
Compatible with mixed application rubber compounds such as nitrile PVC blends. Not suitable for EPDM or nitrile.
Formulated for both UV and conventional inks.
High flashpoint (>60°C) AIII.
Recommended for automatic blanket and roller washing
Suitable for all stocks including foils.

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