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Ihara R730P

Ihara R730P With Plate Function

Ihara R730P With Plate Function

Ref: EQP-IHR730P

Price: $3,195.00

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The "P" option is perfect for anyone with a small CtP system or on a limited budget. The "P" function utilizes the traditional Yule-Nielsen equation with an enhanced firmware to calculate the plate dot size. The plate dot size is derived from density measurements. The "P" function works well from 10% to 90% on the step wedge. Due to the technology limitation, the extreme highlights (0%-10%) and shadows (90%-100) do not have enough contrast for the instrument to measure properly. Not having enough contrast will cause the device to read inconsistently in the highlights and shadows. This limitation extends to all color reflection densitometers, no matter who is the manufacturer.

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