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Job Jackets

Job Jackets

Poly Job Envelopes, Job Jackets
Made of heavy-duty 7 mil. Translucent polypropylene, Poly Job Envelopes keep original jobs and documents safe and organized. They are bound and sewn on the edges with 12 mil. vinyl. Reinforced zinc grommet for hanging. Two larger sizes have two grommets.

Vinyl Envelopes , Job Jackets
The Advantages Are Clear with Vinyl Envelopes
These Vinyl Envelopes stand the test of real production settings. Filing everything from paper work...to steel stencils...to screens, they "hang tough" for years. Each vinyl envelope is individually suspended by two movable hooks attached to a steel bar. Clear Vinyl shows the contents of each job or an entire row of jobs with out opening the envelope. To access materials, simply open the front facing flap secured by Velcro tabs.

Unique Features:
Envelopes have a front-facing, opening flap secured with Velcro® tabs.
Folded and sealed seams on 3 sides strengthen envelope and resist tearing.
Available in 7 sizes for storing materials 12-1/2" x 17" to 31-1/2" X 43-3/4".
Made of 8-gauge vinyl.
Remove the hooks and hanger and the vinyl envelope turns into a handy job traffic file, keeping contents of a job together as it travels through production.

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