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Krosstex Shop Towels

Krosstex Shop Towels Case of 375

Krosstex Shop Towels Case of 375


Total Price: $75.00

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12.5 X 13 ($75.00)
12.5 x 17 ($92.75)
17 x 18.5 ($120.00)

KrossTex™ Shop Towels are specifically designed to help remove contaminants from all surfaces.

o STRONGER - Unique Cross-Lapping Process, creates exceptional cross-directional strength and durability
o POWERFUL - Three-Dimensional textured design gives this wipe more scrubbing power
o THICKER - Extra thick fabric for that shop rag feel and performance
o EXTRA ABSORBENT - 20% more than the competition
o LOW LINT - Can be used in critical/delicate applications
o EFFECTIVE - More surface area to hold and trap debris, removing ink and other contaminants quickly and easily

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