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Ledco Premier 4 25" Business Laminator

Ledco Premier 4 25

Ledco Premier 4 25" Business Laminator

Ref: ledco/4

Price: $3,250.00

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The Premier 4 is designed to: Laminate using films up to 10 mils thick and up to 25 inches wide. Provide variable-speed operation from 0 to 10 feet per minute. Operates on 110 volts, 15 amps.

• Variable speed operates at lower speeds for thicker films (10 mil) and up to 7 feet per minute for thinner (1.5 mil) films.
• Built in retractable slitters remove side scrap and eliminate hand trimming.
• Swing-away heat shoes make it easy to clean silicon rubber rollers.
• Built in threading aids.
• Forced air cooling allows laminating with thicker films. Our 3-fan cooling system, the most effective of any machine in its class, helps prevent the rping or rippling which may occur when thicker films are too hot upon exiting a laminator.
• Interchangeable driven silicon rubber rollers.
• Adjustable right and left feed guides.
• Clear safety shield protects operators while allowing them to see their work.
• Spring-loaded rubber rollers provide pre-set laminating pressure.
• Supply roll tension can be easily adjusted by simply turning a tension knob.
• Removable power cord.
• Simple controls included on a compact control pad with international icons and warning symbols.
• Digital temperature indicator lights up when machine is turned on.
• Reverse switch helps in the event of misfed material.

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