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Munsell Interactive Learning Kit

Munsell Interactive Learning Kit

Munsell Interactive Learning Kit

Ref: M93000

Price: $118.00

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The Fundamentals of Color Interactive Student Set makes color come alive. There’s never been an easier, more effective way to explain the complexities of color physics than with these easy-to-use tools. For example, instead of just defining the word— the kit lets you experience the effect of metamerism on an actual color sample. It answers questions like “How can a color look different but still be the same?”(The answer may surprise you.)
Use it alone or with our Fundamentals of Color reference book. Perfect for students, new hires and anyone working with color.

Gloss scale
Metamerism test kit
Hue value chroma chart
Simultaneous contrast kit
N7/ neutral gray sample
Visual assessment pair
Spectral reflectance chart with color chips
CIELAB color space chart with color chips
7-step color tolerance chart

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