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Natural Wash

Varn Natural Wash

Varn Natural Wash

Ref: natu/5

Total Price: $135.00

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5 Gal Pail ($135.00)
55 Gal Drum ($1,200.00)

Product Features
Varn® Natural Wash is manufactured from highly refined chemical solvents and vegetable based cleaners.
Varn® Natural Wash has used the latest technology to comply with the stringent original equipment manufacturers’ specifications.
Varn® Natural Wash is an economical, environmentally friendly product for use in automatic washing systems.
Varn® Natural Wash is plate safe even on unbaked positive plates and the latest CtP material.

Advantages of Varn® Natural Wash
Environmentally friendly.
Economic in use.
High ink solvency water miscible wash.
OEM approved.
Recommended for automatic blanket washing equipment.
High flashpoint (>100ºC).

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