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Nikken Mark X Fountain Solution

Nikken Mark X Fountain Sulution 1g

Nikken Mark X Fountain Sulution 1g

Ref: nik-93-g

Price: $51.00

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Mark X - Latest version of Nikken's fountain solution line. Runs alcohol-free in one step with all types of water. Prints with a minimum, dry-look moist film on plate proving unsurpassed quality from single color printing to high-end, multi-color process printing with any press dampening system. Excellent compatibility with UV inks. Keeps non-imaged areas clean and opens dots for longer press runs. Runs conventional metal, CtP thermal and violet plates without risk of affecting plate image. Highly concentrated. Typical dose: 1.25 - 2.50 Oz./U.S.Gal."

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