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Nylon Brights FFN100

Pantone Nylon Brights Set FFN100

Pantone Nylon Brights Set FFN100

Ref: FFN100

Price: $127.50

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Pantone Nylon Brights Textile Switch Set

Add a new level of exciting hues and brilliance to your designs!

This set contains 21 of the most visually stunning fluorescent shades.
Each swatch is 1 ¼ x 4”, making for easy usability and visibility.
Comes with a protective pouch for easy storage and transport.
Buy this color set today and receive free shipping from Bay Press Services.

This set of bright and vibrant fluorescent colors features the most important hues of this variety, perfect for designers and developers that work with nylon materials. All colors adhere to internationally recognized standards, making for precise color selection, printing and reproduction. Each shade works perfectly on its own or can be combined with other shades to create new and intense shades. Another fantastic product from Pantone. Comes with a free download of the Pantone Color Manager software.

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