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Padding Presses & Supplies

Padding Presses

This versatile unit maximizes shop space and pad production. The Pad About pads up to
10,000 11” wide sheets. Convenient rotating table eliminates the need to lift paper stacks. Stand allows for moving padding unit to where job is or moving out of the way when not in
use. Constructed of 3/4” select white maple with welded steel frame and quality casters.
Overall dimensions: 60”H x 28”W x 24”D.

The table-top version of t h e Pa d - A b o u t . Maximizes production space by sitting on counter. Can pad up to 10,000 sheets 11” wide. Constructed of 3/4” select white maple wood.
Overall dimensions: 30”H x 28”W x 18”D.

Heavy duty padding press with durable quick release cast iron clamps. The 360°rotation allows for high production while using a minimum of counter space. The Ultra Pad holds 10,000 8 1/2” wide sheets. Constructed of white maple for added strength. Overall dimensions: 30”H x
22”W x 15”D.

The Econo-Pad pads up to 8,000 sheets 8 1/2” wide. Carousel base rotates 360°. Clamping system allows for adjustable pressure. Extra padding board sets available for higher production levels. Overall+ dimensions: 28”H x 23”W x 15”D.

An economical, efficient, easy to use padding press. Pads up to 8,000 8 1/2” wide sheets at one time. Press is tilted backward to allow for jogging of paper. Overall dimensions: 26”H x 25”W x 16”D.

Challenge Paddy Wagon
Put away your bricks, blocks and boards. The ORIGINAL PATENTED
CHALLENGE PADDY WAGON design eliminates the mess associated with pad production. Integral shelves store all your padding equipment and doubles as a spill apron to catch excess padding compound. Table edge and clamping bar are designed to reduce compound buildup.
Excess compound is easily removed with your padding knife. Large diameter casters allow you to roll the PADDY WAGON to the cutter, folder or wherever the action is. When fi nished, simply roll aside to dry or until needed for your next padding job.

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