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Pantone Cotton Passport

Pantone Cotton Passport  FHIC200

Pantone Cotton Passport FHIC200

Ref: FHIC200

Price: $520.00

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Including 210 New Colors

Pantone Cotton Passport

Perfect for the designer on the run!

Set includes 2,310 Pantone colors, including 210 brand new entries!
Convenient accordion-style design makes for easy use and browsing.
Each sample is permanently affixed in the binder, making visibility easy.
Buy today and have this item shipped for free, only from Bay Press Services.

Pantone is arguably the most trusted name in color matching, but who’s to say that your use and inspiration should be confined to work or home? This fantastic Cotton Passport color guide is fully portable and perfect for the designer or creative type on the go. Featuring a wide selection of Pantone colors in a easy to browse compact folio, the Cotton Passport displays colors arranged in chromatic order, making for quick, easy and accurate navigation. Pantone does it once again with this fantastic and convenient product. Includes a free download of the Pantone Color Manager software.

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