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Pantone Fashion & Home (Textile,TPX)

Pantone Fashion & Home

Celebrating 175 More Colors

Creating the right color palette is more crucial to a product's success than ever before. That's why we've introduced 175 new colors to inspire you. These strategically selected new tones give you 2,100 beautiful reasons to use PANTONE FASHION + HOME for your creative inspiration, color selection and accurate communication.

However, it is equally important that the colors in your designs be technically achievable. With product design decisions being pushed closer to the season you need quick, easy access to colors and digital data for fast turnaround and on-time production. Through our partnership with Clariant we provide users with suggested dye formulations to match PANTONE Colors on any desired fabric and access to local technical support. (matchpantonecolors.com). Our parent company X-Rite helps ensures color accuracy throughout the supply chain. The result? The industry's most relevant and comprehensive color-standards solution.

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