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Pastel & Neon Color Formula Guide

Pastels & Neons Color Guide GG1504 Coated & unCoated

Pastels & Neons Color Guide GG1504 Coated & unCoated


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PANTONE® PASTELS & NEONS Coated & Uncoated


Meet the demand for specialty colors!
Keep up with the growing demand for specialty colors with our new PANTONE PLUS SERIES PASTELS & NEONS. Select from 154 soothing pastels whenever softness or subtlety is called for, or specify from a newly expanded range of 56 hot neons to add pop and vibrancy to your designs. Colors are arranged chromatically. Ink mixing formulas are provided. Compatible with today’s digital workflows. Text weight paper is used, to match popular print specifications. Includes lighting evaluation tool and design software. Coated and uncoated stocks together in one convenient guide.
Pantone is the only internationally recognized color communication system. You can specify PANTONE Colors with confidence even if your manufacturing is half a world away.

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