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Plate Processor Cleaner

Plate Processor Cleaner Concentrated 2:1 2-1/2 gal

Plate Processor Cleaner Concentrated 2:1 2-1/2 gal

Ref: Resc

Price: $95.00

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Rescue Plate processor Cleaner

Product Features
Effectively removes build up
Dilute 1:1 with water
Low Voc | Non-Corrosive
Safe on rollers and processor parts
Re-opens clogged lines

Product Application
Shut off the main incoming power supply to the processor
Completely drain the developer tank section of the processor
Pre rinse the developer tank with water to remove any loose debris.
Remove the filter from its housing, rinse out any residue.
Replace housing cover without a new filter.
Close all developer and filter drains.
Fill the developer tank of the processor with RESCUE Processor Cleaner.
Turn on main power supply to the processor and switch on processor.
Allow RESCUE Processor Cleaner to circulate for 15-30 minutes.
Switch off the processor and shut off main power supply to the processor.
Drain the developer tank and thoroughly rinse with water.
Use a clean cloth to remove any remaining residue.
Fill the tank with clean water.
Turn on the main power supply. Turn on processor.
Circulate the water for 5 mins and than switch off the processor power.
Drain the developer tank; rinse with fresh water, and wipe any remaining residue with a clean cloth.
Install a new filter and than switch on the power to the processor.
Fill with Allied Plate Developer, bring to temperature, and continue plate production.

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