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Silvermaster Plates
SilverMaster plate materials are Direct-to-Plate analog materials for production of first-generation printing plate directly from paste-up boards, eliminating the costly steps of conventional platemaking. SilverMaster is compatible with most Camera Platemakers in use today and available in paper and polyester bases for up to 25,000 impressions.

The Mitsubishi Silver DigiPlate System is a complete line of digital Polyester and Paper plate materials and digital platesetters, perfect for all your short-run 1-, 2- and 4 color work. Silver DigiPlate polyester and paper plates streamline your workflow by eliminating conventional platemaking steps saving valuable time and money. Rated for run lengths up to 25,000 impressions, Silver DigiPlate is available in sizes and sensitivities for any laser imagesetter and most platesetters on the market today.

Smart Laser Plates
This is a dimensionally stable plate capable of high resolution imaging and long run lengths. Plates require etching and prepping chemistry. The smart plate prefers laser printers with a higher temperature fuser such as the HP 5000. Plates are double sided with run lengths of up to 20,000 per side.

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