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Printers Hazmat Spill Kit

Hazmat Spill Kit

Hazmat Spill Kit


Price: $74.85

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Hazmat Spill Kit

Hazmat Spill Kit
Designed for the small-to-medium size printer to comply with OSHA requirements
This essential spill kit contains everything you need to absorb up to seven gallons of non-aggressive, hazardous material. Packaged in a UN/DOT approved six-gallon plastic drum with a screw-on lid.
The kit contains*
Absorbent socks - 3 each
Absorbent pads - 8 each
Absorbent pillow - 1 each
Fog-free safety goggles - 1 pair
Nitrile gloves - 2 pair
Hazardous Waste label - 1 each
Disposal bag, 4 mil 20" x 30"- 1 each

* Individual replacement items available.

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