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Plate Punches

Plate Punches

Table top Standard 25-pin punch
Fits most small presses
Heavy metal base with adjustable side guide
Ideal for paper, polyester, film and metal plates

38 Pin Plate Punch
Use for punching paper, polyester and metal offset plates.
Use for Landscape 2up Presses: Hamada 700, Multi 1850, etc...

Table top plate punch for:
Adast Ramayor, Dominant 506, 705, 706, 806
Heidelberg QM46
Ryobi 3200, 3302 & 520
Hamada 52, SA-651, SA-666

Table top model plate punch for use with:
Komori: L26 & L28
Equipped with battery operated sensors to ensure accurate punching
Hardened steel dies

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