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QCS Scales

QCS Scales

QCS Scales

Ref: bp-scales

Price: $425.00

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Our Most popular model, offers High Capacity and Resolution to handle almost any counting or Ink Mixing need.
Receive free ECS Scale with your order.
Features Common to Paper, Ticket, Coin, and Parts Counting --

Accumulation Memory Feature maintains a running subtotal of the total count up to 999,999.
Tare Feature lets you count items in a box, tray, bucket, or carton.
Available in several different weight capacities depending on your particular counting needs.
AC or battery operation (included) for complete mobility.
Quick and easy recalibration using ordinary weights.
Optional RS-232C Serial Port for data output to a printer or computer.
Select Capacity
6 lb
15 lb
65 lb

Features Specific to Paper Counting

Perfect for labels, envelopes, business cards, booklets, etc.
Optional Laminate Wood Platter enlarges the working surface to 11.5 x 18"
Can count folded, bound, and die cut pieces as well.

Features Specific to Parts Counting --

Ideal for counting assembly components as well as finished goods.
Perfect for small size parts of any type: metal, plastic, fiber, etc. including springs, screws, hardware, beads, electronics, etc.

Features Specific to Coin Counting --

Counts coins, tokens, tickets, or pull tabs.
Compact design and internal battery operation is perfect for route collections.
Optional hard shell plastic carrying case protects unit while on the road

Features Specific to INK Mixing --

The 6, 15, and 65 models are able to mix more than 90% of all popular ink formulas in amounts of a 1/4 lb. or more.

The use of "Base Inks" allows for the mixing of any amount of ink with any of the QCS models. Ask us for details.

Depending on the weight capacity, the QCS Series
may also be used for Postal/Shipping weight determination.

QCS Series Specifications:

Weight Capacity:

6 lbs. - BP-6
15 lbs. - BP-15
65 lbs. - BP-65

Platter Size:
9 x 11"

Internal Resolution:

Display Resolution:

6 lb. = .0005 lbs./.2 grams
15 lb. = .001 lbs./.5 gram
65 lb. = .005 lbs./2 grams

Display Type:
Large, 1/2", high-contrast LCD with backlight function

AC Adapter or Rechargeable 6V Internal Dry Cell battery (provided)

11" (W) x 12 1/4" (D) x 4 1/4" (H)

9 lbs.

• DYMO Label Printer: $399.

• Hard shell plastic carrying case
• Expansion Platter for oversize
sheet counting

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