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QIP Glossmeters

QIP Gloss Meters

QIP Gloss Meters


Total Price: $1,995.00

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GlossMate 60 for gloss surfaces in printing, packaging and publishing applications ($1,995.00)
GlossMate 75 For unprinted coated and uncoated papers to ensure gloss levels ($2,395.00)
Glossmaster 20, 60, 85 For high gloss, general printing and matte surface applications ($3,195.00)

Both the Glossmate 75 and the Glossmaster 20 60 85, have a 4 week lead time.

Communicate an exact gloss value to your suppliers, pressmen and customers.
This indispensable quality control tool will minimize customer complaints with respect to gloss level appearances, improve productivity, make re-runs a snap and provide a means of repeatability. The GlossMate offers a single, angle-of-measurement geometry while the GlossMaster offers multiple angles. Both models are engineered for consistent linearity, repeatability, automatic calibration and long-term stability. Gloss meters are a necessity if you are running a coating unit or use overprint varnishes.

. Compact, lightweight and portable
. Simple, one-button operation features no warm-up time
. Dual-beam measurement system
. Storage for 400 measurements
. Averaging, Statistical and Pass/Fail functions
. Built-in RS232 interface
. Instantaneous data display
. Auto power-off after three minutes
. Measuring Range: 0.0 to 2,000 Gloss Units (GU), automatic range selection
. Accuracy: ±1 GU; Reproducibility: 0.5 GU
. Conforms to all gloss standards (ISO, JIS, DIN, ASTM, TAPPI)

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