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Rotatrim DigiTech Rotary Trimmer

Rotatrim DigiTech Rotary Trimmer

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Rotatrim DigiTech Rotary Trimmer

Rotatrim DigiTech Rotary Trimmer

Ref: 603x

Total Price: $695.00

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Rotatrim DigiTech Rotary Trimmer

The new DigiTech Rotary Cutter is a superior trimmer for the new age of digital printing. As more applications are being printed on digital printers, the need for speedy and accurate trimming of the finished product has never been more important. The all metal construction with the high quality Sheffield Steel blades ensures excellent accuracy, reliability and robustness.

The DigiTech is ideal for all; photographs, digital prints, vinyl, pop-ups, laminates and virtually all other flexible materials of up to 2mm in thickness. DigiTech Features:

Sheffield Steel rotary & flat blades
1 ½” Brushed stainless steel guide rail
Cast metal cutting head and end frames
Extruded aluminum/plastic clamp-strip
Precision rule
Satin finish extruded aluminum baseboard
5 year guarantee on all parts (excludes flat blades, clamp strips and cutting wheels).
Hand built by skilled engineers in England
26" ($695.00)
38" ($815.00)
50" ($955.00)
61" ($1,115.00)
73" ($1,275.00)
100" ($1,695.00)

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