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Safety Products

Safety Products

Justrite Oily Waste Containers
OSHA Compliant Oily Waste Cans are essential whenever solvent soaked cloths and wiping rags are used. Rags and cloths soaked with solvents, thinners, linseed oil, combustible adhesives and other flammable liquids present a serious fire risk when improperly discarded. The specially designed lid opens no more than 60 degrees and stays closed when not in use, isolating contents from fire sources and limiting oxygen so spontaneous combustion risk is virtually eliminated. Round construction and elevated bottom encourage circulation of air around can to disperse heat and reduce moisture buildup and rusting.

Justrite Plunger Cans help you quickly and easily moisten cleaning cloths or swabs. Pushing down on the brass pump assembly fills upper pan with a measured amount of liquid for moistening. Surplus liquid drains safely back into reservoir. The perforated pan screen serves as a flame arrester. Top rims have molded edge protectors for smooth, trouble-free moistening.

Chemgon is a self contained dispoal system for waste photo chemistry such as lith or rapid access developer and fixer, or silver plate activator and stabilizer. Simply pour in the spent fluids. Chemgon forms a sponge-like crystal when it combines with the chemistry.

Hazmat Spill Kit
Designed for the small-to-medium size printer to comply with OSHA requirements
This essential spill kit contains everything you need to absorb up to seven gallons of non-aggressive, hazardous material. Packaged in a UN/DOT approved six-gallon plastic drum with a screw-on lid.

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