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Silvermaster (Mega) Paper Plates

Sivermaster (Mega) Paper Plates  x 246

Sivermaster (Mega) Paper Plates x 246"

Ref: SLM

Total Price: $198.00

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SilverMaster (Mega) plate materials are Direct-to-Plate analog materials for production of first-generation printing plate directly from paste-up boards, eliminating the costly steps of conventional platemaking. SilverMaster is compatible with most Camera Platemakers in use today and available in paper and polyester bases for up to 25,000 impressions. Sold in Boxes of 2 only. Minimum order 2

Recommended SilverPoly Plate Cleaner.
10" ($198.00)
11" ($209.00)
11-1/4" ($236.50)
12" ($242.00)
12-1/2" ($260.00)
13" ($270.00)

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