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Snowtex Wipes


Snowtex " Case of 375

Ref: snow

Total Price: $105.30

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13 x 13 ($105.30)
13 x 17 ($144.19)
16 x 17 ($167.42)
Case of 2 Rolls 400 wipes ea ($219.10)

New multi-purpose SNOWTEX Cloth Wipes are outstanding for both pre-press and pressroom wiping needs. SNOWTEX Cloth Wipes offer unique quick dry characteristics which are extremely important with todays low VOC solvents — eliminating lost production time waiting for blankets and rollers to dry. Made from 100% rayon and containing no chemical binders, SNOWTEX Cloth Wipes are extremely soft and absorbent. And with SNOWTEX you have the assurance of a clean, lint-free cloth each time.

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