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Rapid 106E Electronic Stapler
Use it flat or as a saddle stapler. Combine two or more to operate side-by-side from one foot-switch with optional Group Stapling Kit(s).

Rapid 105E Electronic Stapler
A thin electric stapler for office and packaging tapling. Two or more staplers can be connected in series with fiber optic cable for stapling simultaneously. Patented electronic controlling, pneumatic dampening which gives an agreeable and quiet sequence of operation. The 105E Stapler can be triggered either by convenient foot pedal or depth adjustable triggers.

Rapid 49 Extra Heavy Duty Stapler
When the job is BIG and THICK, reach for the Rapid 49
Capable of stapling up to 170 sheets of 20 lb. bond with ease. Features a heavy-duty all-steel frame for years of trouble free operation. The built-in staple crown support assures no bent staples or deformed crowns. The smooth frontloading magazine holds 120 Rapid 9 staples Adjustable stapling depth-from-edge of 1/4" to 3" (6 mm to 75 mm).

Skrebba Flat & Saddle Stapler
Binds up to 50 sheets
Stapler converts from flat to saddle in seconds. It’s powerful, manual lever-action makes assembling manuals, catalogs and brochures almost effortless. Dual, adjustable paper guides for accurate positioning of work piece Adjustable paper backstop Large clamp for mounting to bench.

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