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Foster keencut SteelTrak

Foster keencut SteelTrak

Ref: steeltrak

Total Price: $3,478.50

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65" ($3,478.50)
82" ($3,991.50)
98" ($4,315.50)

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SteelTraK 65" , 82" & 98"

The Essential Material Cutter with a 5 year general warranty on all parts (except blades, site line strips & cutting wheels) and a 20 year warranty on the bearings.

Outstanding features of the Incomparible SteelTraK:

Feature 1
  • Three turn & Lock ready mounted tools for instant action .

    -Utility Blade for 1/2" thick materials
    -Acrylic Scoring Blade
    -Composite Twin Wheel Cutting Head for cutting up to 5mm Dibond, 3mm MDF & 3mm Flexible Polycarbonate.
Feature 2
  • Pre lubricated ball bearings on steel slide tracks for precision, low friction and years of trouble-free life without adjustment.
  • Universal 3 tool cutting head with automatic blade disengagement at the end of cut.  
  • Fully equipped and ready for work with 100 blades included.
  • Accepts standard utility blades.
  • Transparent cutline cursor - renewable - fixed - ultra precise - no laser shake - no doubt and no wasted panels.
Feature 4
  • Telescopic legs adjust for height & minimum fatigue.
  • Precise screw adjusted perma-lock squaring.
  • Accurately cut panels every time.
  • Optional V-Groove Cutting Tool enables the folding of Aluminum Composite, PVC Board and Corrugated Plastic.
  • Cuts smoothly & silently without debris, noise or burred edges.
  • Removes exactly the correct amount from one side of  the sheet material.


  • Optional Free Standing Kit available to use the SteelTrak anywhere in the workshop.
  • SteelTraK comes with a Wall Mounting Kit.


  • Optional Aluminum Twin Wheel Cutting Tool can cut up to .040" Aluminum.

Features also Include:

  • Fitted counterbalance keeps the multi-tool sliding head stationary until you move it.
  • Full length extra-grip clamping system.
  • Extruded aluminum back beams offer firm support for sheets large & small.
  • Steel & Aluminum vertical cutting beam will never come out of square.
  • Materials load easily from the right side and lock securely into place.
  • Two Flip Stops make cutting to size easy.  Flip stops can be engaged or disengaged without disturbing the settings. 
  • Designed specifically for the sign and display industries.


  • 100% manufactured in England.
  • 5 Year General Warranty on all parts (except blades, sight line strips & cutting wheels). 
  • 20 Year Warranty on the bearings
  • Precise vertical and horizontal scales (Imperial & Metric).
  • Wall Mount Kit included.
  • Optional Free Standing Kit.
  • Optional Aluminum Twin Wheel cutting head for .040 aluminum .
  • Optional V-Groove Cutting Tool for folding Aluminum Composite, Sintra and PVC board.

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