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SuperBlue Nets

SuperBlue Stripe Net  Pack of 6

SuperBlue Stripe Net
Pack of 6

Ref: superblue

Total Price: $70.00

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Never wash ink off a transfer or delivery cylinder again. The patented Super Blue 2® anti-marking, anti-static system featuring StripeNet™ anti-marking, anti-static nets is a superior method of protecting the wet side of a printed sheet. It accomplishes this by preventing ink buildup on transfer and delivery positions, thus eradicating the common problem of marking.

Less Marking
Faster Make-readies
More Available Press Time
Less Paper Waste
No Static Buildup
Part Number
X0S0290250 29x25 $147.00 X0S0340280 24x38 $147.66
X0S0450320 45x32 $152.00 XA10SBNETS 23x18 $67.00
XB10SBNETS 29x36 $86.00 XC10SBNETS 32x36 $98.00
XD20SBNETS 20x18 $61.00 XF10SBNETS 23x36 $122.36
X0S0142195 QM46 Precision Cut $70.00 X0S0248167 SM52 Precision Cut $145.00
X0S0425302 SM102 Precision Cut $152.00 X2S0340226 SM74 Precision Cut $154.00
X3S0344219 SM74 Transfer Precsion Cut $154.00 XHS0235170 GTO52 Precision Cut $149.25
XHS0285220 MO Precision Cut $151.00 XHS0300222 Komori 28 Precision Cut $152.00
XHS0340220 SM74 Tranf Pricision Cut $154.00 XHS0425312 Komori L40 Precision Cut $154.00
XRSD3A15NT $98.00

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