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Aerovex Air Purifier

Aerovex Air Purifier

Aerovex Air Purifier


Price: $895.00

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Printers Air Purifier was created especially for the pressroom. It was designed to clear the air of chemical fumes, smoke, and odors particularly prevalent in printing shops. Unlike other appliances that electronically collect dust, pollens and smoke particles, THE ONE THAT WORKS filters all of the air in the press room through 340 cubic inches (6 lbs.) of activated carbon. The activated carbon acts like tiny magnets that attract chemical fumes and odors. This magnetic action is called absorption and makes activated carbon the most effective means of purifying the air. The washable dust filter, made of reticulated polyurethane foam, traps paper dust, press powder, pollens, and filters particles as small as one micron. THE ONE THAT WORKS will service a room up to 2,500 square feet, replacing the unpleasant air with clean healthful air every 10-15 minutes at high speed.

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