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Thermax® Temp Labels

Thermax  Non-Reversible Temperature Labels - Pk of 10

Thermax® Non-Reversible Temperature Labels - Pk of 10

Ref: tm10171261

Price: $46.66

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A "must have" when processing Violet Photo Polymer plates (With pre heat processor)

How the temperature labels work:
The indicator's white thermographic ink area (square) is manufactured and calibrated to a specific temperature level that turns irreversible (permanent) black when its rated temperature is exceeded. Accuracy ± 1%. Changes occur in less than one second. The thermographic ink area is hermetically sealed against moisture, oil, grease, fuels, solvents, water and steam.

" Size: 51 x 18 mm (2" x 0.7")
" Type: Vertical, self-adhesive
" Scale: °C and °F
" Range 171 F. to 260 F.
" Thickness at temperature indicator chemical: 6.5 mil.
" Thickness no temperature indicator chemical: 1.5 mil.
" Sold in units of 10 strips

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