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Thickness Gauges

Thickness Gauges

Pocket Thickness Gauge
A necessity in every plant An economical pocket gauge for measuring the thickness of paper, polyester stripping film, press packing sheets and offset blankets. Hardened steel spindle. Quick, easy zero adjustment . Corrosion-resistant, lightweight frame.

WeighMaster Paper Scale
Determine actual paper weight, not thickness, with this unique pocket-sized scale.
Determining basis weight for paper has always been a problem because different grades of paper have different sizes for their standard. Often, two different sheets of paper can have the same thickness, but a different weight. The WeighMaster actually weighs a sheet of 8-1/2" x 11" paper then by using a simple conversion factor specific to the grade of paper gives the papers weight. This is much easier than weighing a ream of parent sheets.

Ames Pocket Thickness Gauge Measures in 0.001 increments
The perfect precision instrument for gauging compressible items. Frame is precision cast, aluminum alloy. Contoured to comfortably fit in your hand. Easy zero-resetting. Protective leather carry pouch for convenient storage.

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