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Varn V-120 Press Wash

Varn V-120 Press Wash

Ref: v-120

Total Price: $130.00

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5 Gal Pail ($130.00)
55 Gal Drum ($1,200.00)

Wash V-120 is a special blend of solvents and cleansers formulated to quickly and thoroughl clean and rejuvenate lithographic blankets as well as rubber, composition and synthetic rollers. Wash V-120 contains Hydro-Flex®– a press-proven combination of modern antioxidants, rubber rejuvenators and synthetic detergents. These additives cut and remove ink and glaze, reduce rubber oxidation and prolong the life of rollers and blankets.

Advantages of Varn® Wash V-120
• Contains Hydro-Flex®which extends roller and blanket life
• Removes ink and water soluble glaze in one easy application
• Improves roller ink receptivity
• Will not rob rollers and blankets of their natural oils, keeping
them in “like new” condition

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