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Varn ABC Wash

Varn ABC Wash

Varn ABC Wash

Ref: abc/5

Total Price: $85.00

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5 Gal Pail ($85.00)
55 Gal Drum ($605.00)

This Baldwin approved, water-miscible wash is uniquely formulated to give superior performance in automatic blanket cleaners on web presses. Its strong cleaners quickly
remove ink and solvent soluble resins and binders. When mixed with 20% to 40% water, Varn ABC Wash removes water soluble gum glaze, lint, paper dust and stock coatings very conomically.

Advantages of Varn® ABC Wash
• Removes both solvent soluble and water soluble glazes in a single washup
• Approved by Baldwin for use in automatic blanket cleaners on web presses
• Strong, low-vapor-pressure cleaner
• Very economical
• Lowers VOC emissions

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