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Ecolo Wash 401

Varn Ecolo Wash 401

Varn Ecolo Wash 401

Ref: ecol-401/5

Price: $128.00

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5 Gal Pail ($120.00)
55 Gal Drum ($1,000.00)

Varn®Ecolo-Wash™ 401 is the environmentally friendly way to remove water-soluble glazes and paper piling contaminants from blankets and rollers. The water-miscible product emits less than 100 g/liter VOCs and typically lowers usage amounts compared to competitive brands.

Advantages of Varn® Ecolo-Wash™ 401
• Environmentally friendly; helps printers meet regulations as well as their own sustainability goals
• Offers deep clean of blankets and rollers
• Provides good lubrication of the rollers
• Minimizes roller swelling
• Maximizes ink transfer
• Leaves less residue than other ultra-low-VOC washes
• No aromatic or halogen-based solvents
• For manual and automatic blanket wash systems
• Can be diluted 3:1 for coldset / news applications

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