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Varn Super Rubber Rejuvinator

Varn Super Rubber Rejuvenator 1 gal

Varn Super Rubber Rejuvenator 1 gal

Ref: srr

Total Price: $46.00

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Bring Overused Blankets Back to Life

Super Rubber Rejuvenator cleans and deglazes rubber fast, while restoring new life and printability to even the most glaze-blocked blankets and rollers. This excellent rejuvenator will pay for itself many times over in increased productivity. Varn deglazers and rejuvenators are the key products in our press proven maintenance systems, and are used in combination with a Varn prime water miscible or environmental wash for superior maintenance results.

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Single Gal ($46.00)
Case of 4 gal ($148.32)

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